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“Making the strong bond between you and your dog easier

to handle.”

What inspired the WalleyLead?

My wife enjoys walking and running with Walley. However, Walley wasn't always a fan of behaving while on a leash. Despite passing puppy kindergarten and some basic training classes, Walley would pull while on the leash. With a large dog, not having control while on a walk on our busy neighborhood streets was dangerous. We tried multiple leashes, collars and harness systems that promised better control over the dog. None of them worked until I developed my product, the WalleyLead.

Why is a WalleyLead Better?

At the store, you can only purchase a dog leash in 4 or 6 foot lengths. The average dog owner will typically end up wrapping most of that length around their hand trying to keep the dog closer and to get back control. The wrapped leash is uncomfortable for the owner and provides inconsistent correction for the dog. Retractable leashes are often difficult to use and have been proven to be dangerous and are not recommended by veterinarians or trainers. 

What is a WalleyLead made of?

The WalleyLead is designed with comfort and safety in mind for the owner and the dog. The lead is hand crafted from strong military grade nylon rope, high quality snap hooks, and a moveable foam grip. Walleyleads are available in three unique lengths based on the size of your dog. The shorter length allows for easier control of the dog in high traffic areas. The grip is more comfortable for the owner and the lead always provides the consistent amount of correction for the dog - an integral part of training a dog to behave while walking on a leash. WalleyLeads are available in multiple retail stores across the country and consumer response has been great. In addition to my website, WalleyLeads are also available at popular pet online stores and catalogs. Several trainers and veterinarians recommend the products to their clients.  Patent is currently pending.  WalleyLeads  - Making the strong bond between you and your dog easier to handle.  

Shipping and Handling Policy

All orders are shipped using Priority Mail USPS.

Guarantee/Return Policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your WalleyLead please send an email to to discuss return possibilities.

The Problem

With a typical 4 or 6 foot lead the dog has all of the leverage. Here’s why traditional longer leashes and retractable leads don’t work – each time your dog pulls, he is receiving a different level of correction. One time he can get 6 feet away but the next time he only has a few inches of freedom.

The Solution

The ultimate goal is to have your dog walk right by your side without pulling – train him to by using a WalleyLead. No gimmicks, no tricks. The WalleyLead provides the same amount of correction each time your dog pulls.  Your dog will learn that you want him to walk close by your side without pulling.